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7m Electrical Coaster 22+1 Seats

7m, electrical coaster, 22+1 seats,air brake, ABS, electrical folding door

Product Details
standard   number of seats22+1
approach/departure angle°18°/7°
wheel base(mm)3935
F/R overhang1150/1920
Empty Vehicle Weight4900
Max. Speed100
production enterprises of lithium batteryLithium   iron phosphate battery   120AH/512V
production enterprises of lithium battery managementbeijing   guoneng
enterprises of entire vehicle controllerANHUI   ANKAI AUTOMOBILE CO.,LTD/AKEVCU-1
production enterprises of driving motor/ modelJEE   company/ water cool, JEEKTZ53X60SAK01, rated power 50KW, peak 100KW
electric motor controller modelJEE   company/ JEEKTZ53X60SAK01
suspension systemleaf   spring 4/4
front axle3T,   disc brake
rear axle4.5T,   drum brake

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