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Ankai A6 Series 37+1+1 Seats Shuttle Bus

Ankai A6 is positioned at the high-end market for short and medium-distance commute transportation. Boasting a number of outstanding features, such as high safety standards, high reliability, super fuel efficiency and extra travel comforts. 1. active and passive safety protection (3D car body design, ABS) 2. energy saving, low fuel consumption (The water tank is combined with the cooler,large luggage compartment) 3. excellent comfortability (NVH Quiet Technology,Split air duct rack,Cabin noise reduction technology,door, luggage door, pneumatic power shift control mechanism etc) 4. humanistic design 5. anticorrosion technology

Product Details
Model HFF6909KD1E4B
Overall Dimensions(mm) 8990×2500×3405
Wheel Base(mm) 4300
Seats Capacity 37+1+1
G.V.W(kg) 13400
Engine Location Front Engine
Engine YC6J240
Emission EuroII/EuroIII
Clutch Made in China
Transmission QJ805(Qijiang)
Alxe(Frt/Rr) Front coil/Rear drum
Suspension 6 airbags air suspension
Brake System Pneumatic Brake
Steering Power Steering
A/C Overheaded
Tyre 10R22.5
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