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Container Semi-trailer Tractor

Saic Iveco Hongyan using European IVECO cooling technology, the cooling effect is about 25% higher than domestic products; integrated liquid level display meter can be separately;The remaining liquid level of each bottle level and the total amount of the vehicle are displayed.Safe, reliable and cost effective.

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Converging Europe's leading technology and developing the green potential of a safe and economical economy, SAIC Hongyan is based on rich experience in research and development of natural gas heavy trucks. It integrates European technology and is based on the mature platform of the original Hongyan Genlyon LNG tractor.

The newly upgraded Hongyan Genlyon LNG natural gas heavy truck is launched to fully meet the higher demands of users.


CQ4256HTG384TC container semi-trailer tractor

CabHigh top
Dimensions (   mm )7435 x 2500 x 3839 (high top with shroud)
Wheelbase   (mm)3850 + 1350
Curb weight   (Kg)88,009,670
Engine   displacement ( L )SC10ET350Q5
Engine type10420
 Emission   emission standard4 valves, turbocharged
Maximum   horsepower350
Maximum   torque1550/1100-1300 
Gearbox12 files
Rear axleSingle-stage reduction bridge / double-stage   reduction bridge
brakeFront and rear S-shaped cam drum brake 
Suspensionfront 3 rear 4 
Steering   gearZF technology power steering gear
Cylinder   volume450L / 2X500L / 900L / 995L
Tire12 R22.5
Saddle empty   ground clearance 0 Saddle + 24mm corrugated board)1299
Rear   gyration radius mm2330 / 2084

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