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5 Basic Heavy Duty Trucks Maintenance Tips


5 Basic Heavy Duty Trucks Maintenance Tips



Attention should be paid to checking oil, water and gas. Regularly butter the butter points, change the engine oil according to the mileage, and blowing air filter often. It not only can save a lot of money by reduce fuel consume, but also keep you and others safe.


Truck maintenance issues to be aware of:

1. Follow the maintenance cycle

First mandatory maintenance: road trucks will run 2000-4000 km or 60 days from the date of purchase (prior to first), and off-highway trucks will be protected within 60 days from the date of purchase. Regular maintenance: During the warranty period, on the basis of the strong insurance mileage, every 10,000 kilometers travel, regular maintenance.


2. Use the diesel filter properly

Regularly check whether there is water in the filter bowl under the coarse filter, and open the drain valve at the bottom of the water collector to release the water in time.

Tip: If the fuel system enters the water, it will easily cause damage or failure of the high pressure oil pump and injector!


3. Engine oil change common sense

How often does the oil change? How much oil does it need to change each time? The replacement cycle and dosage of the oil is a special concern for everyone. The most direct way is to check your own on-board maintenance manual. The above is generally very clear. But there are also many people's maintenance manuals have long since disappeared. At this time, you should know more about the inquiries. Generally speaking, the replacement period of the oil is 5000 kilometers. The specific replacement cycle and dosage should be judged according to the vehicle related information.
4. Use Antifreeze all year

It’s best to use antifreeze all year round. In addition to the function of antifreeze and cooling, antifreeze also has the functions of cleaning, descaling and antiseptic, reducing the corrosion of the water tank and protecting the engine. Pay attention to the correct color of the antifreeze and do not mix it.


5. Checking transmission oil

In order to ensure the steering flexibility of the car, always check the transmission oil, whether it is gear oil or automatic transmission oil, pay attention to the model of the oil.



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