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Car development


In the history of world car development, the family-oriented car consumption began with the development of economical cars. In most developed countries, economical cars are the mainstream of the family car market. In today's world, economical, environmentally friendly and compact economical cars are highly favored by consumers. The development of the economical car industry is encouraged and supported by governments of all countries. Various car manufacturers have also vigorously introduced various small cars to meet the needs of the market. In China, because of the large population, the per capita disposable resource level is low. At the same time, because China's per capita income is not high and the overall spending power is relatively low, we must start the family car market, take the road of car consumption, and develop the economical car industry. This is a more economical and ideal election and is in line with China’s national conditions.

China's development of the economical car industry from the mid-1980s has reached a certain scale. The economic car market has also continued to grow, becoming the mainstay of the Chinese taxi market and the family car market. Into the year 2000, new products of China's economical cars came out one after another. The society is looking forward to economic cars for a long time. The people in the industry are concerned about and the new models continue to emerge. The Chinese economy car is facing a market introduction period and will have a major impact on the Chinese car market. Due to the influence of many factors, the development path of China's economical car industry has had many bumps over the years.

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