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New car waxing

In order to protect car paint from damage during long-distance transportation, car manufacturers will spray a layer of wax on the car body, which is called transport protection wax. This layer of wax is completely different from the usual car wax, and you should take this wax off before you reach your destination, and then sell it.

The waxing of new cars should pay special attention to the selection of suitable products. Improper selection can cause serious damage to the paint. Many car washes were opened with kerosene. Although the wax was opened, it also caused minor scratches on the paint. The new car transportation wax is divided into two kinds of grease wax and resin wax. It is best to use a wax-opening wax that is derived from the orange peel. It has a strong degreasing function and will not damage the paint. If it is a resin transportation wax, just buy a bottle of special "dewaxing" car washing liquid. The price of car wash wax is different according to the grade of the car, generally between 100-400 yuan; if you do it yourself, buy cleaners, depending on the brand, the dosage is different, the price is between 20 yuan and 150 yuan.

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