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Charging pile construction need reforming


Revitalizing the stock resources and greatly improving the efficiency of the use of existing public charging piles is a good way to effectively alleviate the shortage of charging infrastructure.

The problem of low usage rate of charging piles due to malfunctions and occupation is worthy of attention. In fact, the construction of public charging piles in China has been growing steadily in recent years. According to the data, as of the end of 2017, China has built 210,000 public charging piles, ranking first in the world, but the usage rate of public charging piles is less than 15 %. One is a surge in numbers, but one is at a low rate.

As the power guarantee for new energy vehicles, the construction of charging infrastructure is related to how far new energy vehicles can be driven, and more about how good the new energy vehicle industry can go.

The rapidly increasing charging piles put forward higher requirements for improving infrastructure operation and maintenance services, which requires operators to increase regular inspections.

It is expressly required that fuel vehicles are prohibited from occupying special berths for electric vehicles.

Revitalizing the existing charging pile resources and solving the charging pile limitation problem, the key is to realize the optimal allocation of resources, and use big data analysis to assist in realizing the resource matching between the charging pile and the electric vehicle. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to open up data islands of many charging pile operators as soon as possible to achieve data interconnection, so that owners can see more use of charging piles in one terminal and realize effective scheduling of electric vehicles.

With the continuous development of charging technology, we have reason to believe that in the future, a charging pile can serve more electric vehicles in a shorter time. From this point of view, from now on, paying attention to improving the efficiency of use of each charging pile will boost the new energy automobile industry to a better tomorrow.

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