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Common rail tubing can not be removed when the engine is working


With the increasing popularity of electronically controlled engines, it is extremely important to properly maintain the electronically controlled engine. However, when the engine is working, it is forbidden to disassemble all the oil pipe joints on the high pressure side, such as high pressure oil pipes and common rail oil pipes.


(SFH, Cursor commen rail engine)

The common rail tubing pressure is very high, and it is necessary to disassemble the engine after stopping the pressure. Now the high pressure common rail diesel engine can work at a pressure of more than 2,000 bar, which is equivalent to the pressure exerted by a luxury car on a large area of a fingernail. Under such high pressure, once the common rail oil pipe joint is disassembled, the high-speed jet fuel will inevitably produce a high-pressure liquid cutting effect, which is sharper than the knife, and once it is sprayed into the human body or the eyes, the consequences are unimaginable.

Correct method: After the engine is turned off, wait for a while, and then disassemble and repair it after it is completely relieved.

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