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Correct Operate Make Your Truck Fuel Economic


 A truck drive with low speed is not equal to fuel saving. Hill climbing needs more power to support impetus.Instead of driving according to the actual configuration of their own vehicles, a low speed slope climbing can only lead to excessive engine load and a series of engine failures.We should decide how to operate according to the configuration of our own vehicles in order to avoid these unnecessary economic losses.


For example, a tractor truck has recently suffered a rapid loss of cooling fluid and leakage of water from its exhaust manifold. After the disassembly and inspection in the factory, water mark was found in the connection of the exhaust manifold. At first, it was considered that the cylinder liner was damaged. When the cylinder cover was opened, the cylinder liner was found to be free of damage. Therefore, it was suspected that the problem occurred on the cylinder cover. After cleaning the cylinder cover, it was found that there were cracks and leakage on the nose bridge between the cylinder valve, which entered the exhaust manifold in the process of exhaust. After replacing the cylinder cover, the owner paid about 1,000 dollar for the trouble.


The truck runs in mountain area all year round, with long ramp and large gradient.The driver feels high speed cost more oil, so use low speed climbing way to save oil. When the engine power is insufficient at low speed, the over-load water temperature of the engine is raised, and the owner adopts the water tank spraying to cool down. Although this method can achieve the cooling effect, the temperature fluctuation range is too large, coupled with low rotating speed, the engine overloads lead to partial overheating of the cylinder head, and the stress concentration in the nose bridge of the cylinder head leads to the failure of cracking.


As a result, correct operate is very important for truck fuel economic.

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