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Domestic classification of cars


European Classification: German Volkswagen is Europe's largest automaker and the first company to enter the Chinese car market. Its car classification is undoubtedly representative. German cars are divided into A, B, C and D grades, among which A-class cars can be divided into Aoo, Ao and A three-class cars, equivalent to China's mini cars and ordinary cars; Class B and Class C are equivalent to China's mid-level cars and mid-to-high-class cars; D-class cars are equivalent to China's Dahongqi and other high-end cars.

US Departmental Classification: For the US Department of Taxonomy, it can be seen from the classification of General Motors Corporation. General Motors generally divides the sedan into six levels. It is a category that takes into consideration the size, displacement, equipment, and price of the car. Its Mini is equivalent to our country's mini-cars; China's ordinary cars can be found in the general classification of two levels, namely Sm / all and LowMed; each only the classification standards for mid-size cars are more consistent, that is, mid-size cars Interm ( Class B); Mid-to-high-end cars that Upp-med, in our country is equivalent to the emergence of the most recent, the most smoothly sold Audi, Buick and Accord new cars; limousine corresponding to the Large / Lux level.

According to the functional division: RV, travel/car, coupe, sports car and cabriolet models. Divided according to the layout of the car: four five-door, five-door hatchback, two-door two-seat and two-door five-seat soft top.

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