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History of China military bus brand-Ankai (First)


In 1966, the predecessor of Ankai, state-owned FeiHe Automobile factory was established.

In 1981, manufactured the first Coach chassis in China.

In 1993, started the technical cooperation with EVOBUS Germany for the first ten years.


In 1994, finished the first sample bus of S215HD, and sent to Beijing, as an offering for the celebration of National Day.


In 1997, Ankai became publicly listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


In 2003, started the second ten-years round of strategic cooperation With SETRA, made the S315 coach under license.


In 2010, became Top 3 manufacturers with annual production capacities over 10,000 units of bus.

In 2012, be elected Top 50 Competitive Companies on exporting. 20units of Double Deck Buses were operated during the period of London Olympic Games

In 2013, with a production capacity of 20000 units per year, Ankai had exported 15000 buses to more than 80 countries up to end of this year.


Annually, Ankai has a capacity of 30,000 units, with an occupation area of approximately 1,300,000 square meters, and 4 bus manufacturing bases and 1 automotive parts manufacturing base. Covering all series bus and coach from 5.5m-18m.


Technology Source & Route

The Key Technology of Ankai is derived from the world’s leading bus manufacturer, German KASSBOHREER/SETRA nowadays EVO BUS of Daimler Benz Group.

The bus monocoque structure was created from the concept of Airplane, with similar design principles, which achieved lighter weight, better strength and larger spaces. Under decades of partnership with SETRA, Ankai had fully absorbed, mastered the monocoque technology, and applied to production.

 1993, Started technical cooperation with SETRA for the first ten years, introduced the model S215 HD.

2003, Started the second ten-years round of strategic cooperation With SETRA,

Introduced the model S315 in 2001

2006, Cooperation with SETRA on model Axtra 400 according with Chinese national situation

2008, obtained the national invention patent of Monocoque Structure.


ISO 9001:2000 passed in 2001, China Compulsory Certification CCC passed in 2003, ISO/TS 16949:2002 passed in 2005, China Military Standard GJB9001 a-2001 passed in 2008


Unique National Electric Bus Engineering Technical Research Center in China.

Postdoctoral Research Workstation of National Grade.

Technical Center of National Grade


Ankai bus certificated by EU E-mark Certification, U.S. DOT , Gulf Conformity Certificate, SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization and Russia GOST.

Ankai bus, China military quality standard, safety, reliable, 

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