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History of China military bus brand-Ankai (Fourth)


Ankai Bus scientific production processes guarantee product quality

Ankai boasts modernized production workshops and scientific and reasonable U-shaped production line. The advanced TPS production management system and complete production and inspection equipment are the powerful guarantee for the outstanding quality of Ankai buses.


Leading process equipment guarantee product quality

The efficient and technologic production preparations and scientific and precise process criteria realize the strict supervision on the production processes for major parts of the buses and, with double guarantee from outside to inside, guarantee the consistently outstanding quality for every Ankai bus.


CNC laser pipe cutter

The laser cutting is applied for blanking of pipes, featuring the advantages of high accuracy, small cutting kerf, smooth cutting surfaces, high cutting speed, good cutting quality, no damage to workpiece, and effective completion of secondary processing. Cutting positional accuracy: +—0.05mm; Kerf size: 0.1mm.


Automatic disc saw

It’s mainly utilized for angular cutting of pipe materials and is fitted with automatic loading/unloading system, featuring the advantages of high blanking accuracy, extensive cutting angle range, and high production efficiency. Blanking accuracy: +—0.05mm; Cutting angle range: 10º~170º; Production takt: 14s/sawing.


Imported final assembly stand

The accurate locating and reliable clamping effectively guarantee the welding quality.


Automatic straight blanking machine

It’s utilized for blanking of straight materials and is equipped with automatic loading/unloading system, mainly featuring high blanking accuracy and high efficiency. Accuracy: +—0.2mm; Cutting angle: 90º; Production takt: 14s/sawing; Capable of cutting multiple materials at a time.


Three-dimensional roll bending equipment

The three-dimensional roll bending equipment is utilized for three-dimensional arc bending of pipe materials to achieve accurate arc bends by CNC correction memory. Arc bending accuracy: +—0.05mm maximum gap against sample plate; Arc rolling speed: Variable, 50mm/second.


Automatic welding line for large top covering

The automatic welding line for large top cover is mainly utilized for low-level welding of bus large top covering. The automatic welding with three-dimensional locating and pulse inverter improves the production efficiency and guarantees the stable and reliable welding of covering. Production takt: 35min/unit.


Modified tire nut tightening machine

It’s mainly utilized for tightening wheel bolts and can realize synchronous tightening for a group of bolts and conduct automatic inspection and compensation to meet the required torque. Torque range of machine: 100~1,000N.m; Production takt: <=15s for every tightening cycle.


Robot welding for small assemblies

The robot welding equipment for small assemblies are mainly utilized for welding the small assemblies of framework and, with automatic overturning mechanism, can realize the synchronization of welding, change of mold, and loading and unloading of workpiece to complete the integral welding of workpieces under clamped state and reduce the welding deformation. Welding accuracy: +—1mm; Production takt: 18min/piece

The complete inspection capability controls product quality

The dedicated employee team guarantees the product quality. Ankai boasts a batch of quality assurance personnel with high professional quality and comprehensive professional skill, who utilize the complete inspection and control means and advanced inspection equipment to control the product quality from multi-level perspectives. The advanced German and American inspection equipment, fully digital inspection line, and finished product testing simulation ground strictly control the quality for every delivered bus.

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