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History of China military bus brand-Ankai (Second)


Big event of Ankai:


In 1966, the predecessor of Ankai, state-owned FeiHe Automobile factory was established.

In 1981, manufactured the first Coach chassis in China.

In 1993, started the technical cooperation with EVOBUS Germany for the first ten years.

In 1994, finished the first sample bus of S215HD, and sent to Beijing, as an offering for the celebration of National Day.

In 1997, Ankai became publicly listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

In 2003, started the second ten-years round of strategic cooperation With SETRA, made the S315 coach under license.

In 2010, became Top 3 manufacturers with annual production capacities over 10,000 units of bus.

In 2012, 20units of Double Deck Buses were operated during the period of London Olympic Games.

In 2013, with a production capacity of 20000 units per year, Ankai had exported 15000 buses to more than 80 countries up to end of this year.


In 2014, Ankai took the lead to release the “e-Control” intelligent management system, leading the all-round entry of China’s new energy buses.General Secretary Xi Jinping rode on an “Ankai BEST” official bus throughout his investigation in Jiangsu Province. 1,100 Ankai buses were exported to Algeria, ranked the largest export order in bus industry in the first half of the year.


In 2015, China held a grand WWII Victory-Day parade at the Tian’anmen Square. The ceremony in Beijing is for commemorating the 70th anniversary. Ankai buses served the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference (NPC & CPPCC) for 11 years consecutively. Ankai BEST buses became the special vehicle for China's peacekeeping force in Lebanon.


In 2017, 600 Ankai High-end bus export to Saudi Arabia. 500 Ankai 10.5m CNG bus export to Myanmar,provide convenience for local transportation.

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2018,Ankai Best K7 Glory Serve China-Africa Cooperation Forum. Ankai setting a record by successful escorted the longest international transport route between China and Russia. 800 Ankai high-end bus export to Saudi Arabia .

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