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History of China military bus brand-Ankai (Third)


R&D Strength

Ankai incorporated China's national electric bus system integration engineering research center, state—level enterprise R&D center, and stateHevel post—doctoral scientific research workstation and gathered the sctentifiC research talents from various fields for corporating technologic nnovat,on and product development.

Ankai enhanced the investment to the new energy bus field, established 5 China’s leading labs, including drive system lab, power cell lab, electronic control system lab, vehicle R&D and performance lab, and parts performance lab, and boasted the performance testing, verification, and development capabilities for new energy vehicles and their parts, including system integration, electronic control, drive system, and power cell. Obtained 1240 authorized patents, including 111 important invention patents.


Leading process equipment guarantee product quality

Full cooperation with German SETRA ensures that the craft and technology of Ankai have always been keeping abreast of the world class bus manufacturer.


Ankai is the pioneer of China bus monocoque technology, and also the only domestic bus manufacture that has obtained the invention monocoque patent. The strength of the monocoque body structure is 3-6 times stronger than the common bus body.


Ankai entirely implements Quality management homologation system TS16949, to improve its bus quality and management level.


CATIA analysis technology was adopted to vehicle design, which lowers the design cost effectively as well as maximizes the success rate of design.


Cathode electrophoresis for whole vehicle .The advanced cathode electrophoresis coating technology is adopted to remarkably improve the paint film adhesion and anti-corrosion performance for whole vehicle.


State-level engineering center. In 2011, the China’s national electric bus system integration engineering research center was settled in Ankai, becoming the China’s first and sole state-level engineering research center in the field of electric buses




State-level post-doctoral scientific research workstation


State-level enterprise R&D center


NEBS engineering research center

Applied for 412 patents, including 101 invention patents.

Ankai boasted 37 projects listed in national, provincial or municipal key science and technology planning projects,

Obtained 306 authorized patents including 7 invention patents.

Won 29 national, provincial, or municipal scientific and technological advancement awards.

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