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Hydraulic brake principle and advantages


The brake system of a truck is generally divided into two types, one is called an hydraulic brake (oil brake), and the other is call the air brake. Because the brake structure and working principle of the two are different, the method of using brake maintenance is also very different.

The hydraulic brake has a simple structure and a small volume. It only requires a brake master cylinder, a sub-pump, an oil cup and a connecting pipe. No other auxiliary equipment is required; the oil brake has the reaction speed is slightly slower, the brakes are soft, and the force is small, so most oil brakes are mostly used in light trucks.

Hydraulic brake principle: When we step on the brake pedal, we pass the power to the brake master cylinder. The master pump is like an injection needle. It is brake oil. When the force came over, the piston would push the brake oil forward, and the brake oil passed through the brake pipe to the four wheels.The brake cylinder and the brake cylinder push the brake pad to move, clamp the brake disc and realize the brake.

For vehicles with oil circuit brakes, check the fluid level of the brake fluid before exiting the vehicle. If it is found that the oil level is falling, immediately check the brake oil circuit for leaks. Because the brake oil absorbs moisture from the air, it will fail after a long time. It is best to replace it once a year.

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