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It is necessary to adjust valve clearance in nowadays

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The valve clearance is a certain gap left between the valve train and the valve train during cold assembly of the engine. If the valve clearance is too large, the valve opening will decrease, the intake and exhaust resistance will increase, and the inflation will decrease, thus affecting the power; the valve clearance is too small, and the valve closing will be lax under the valve heat state. As a result, the cylinder leaks and the working pressure drops, which leads to a decrease in power. At the same time, the valve is also prone to ablation. Improper adjustment of the valve clearance not only affects engine power, fuel consumption, wear, but also noise.

With the development of technology, heavy-duty engine technology has made great progress. The long maintenance cycle has become the propaganda slogan of many manufacturers, only the maintenance cycle of the lubrication system is prolonged. As an engine, it has many system mechanisms, which does not mean that the maintenance of these structures is also a long period.

With the upgrade of emissions, domestic heavy-duty truck technology is also rapidly upgrading, and the application of various electronic control systems and new technologies makes vehicles more efficient and fuel-efficient. But the premise of all this is the timely maintenance of the vehicle, and the correct driving habits. In fact, it is only the valve chamber cover that checks the valve clearance opening, not the cylinder head. It is easy and very import for engine maintenance.


(Saic Fait Hongyan Cursor engine)

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