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Most important Element of A Courier Logistics Truck


The more you test the timeliness and services of logistics express vehicles, the more you should consider the cost.

Fuel consumption: quite important

For the large-scale logistics express delivery enterprises, fuel consumption is an important factor related to enterprise cost control and future development. “The oil cost, labor, site costs, maintenance, road tolls, compliance costs, these six costs are rising, the company's car purchase is the first consideration of cost performance, and fuel consumption is the first factor of vehicle cost performance. Also need to cooperate with car companies , continue to strengthen the driver training to achieve.微信图片_20181011101405.jpg

Model: It is also very important.

The new model of the central axle freight train measures 30% to 40% of the cost. It is more attractive than the fuel consumption cost.

SAIC Hongyan's central axle vehicles have brought convenience to enterprises. The two trailers of the center axle are loaded at two terminals, which saves time and saves transportation costs.微信图片_20181011101416.jpg

 Safety: It is also effect  cost.

More and more express logistics companies choose to pay more attention to safety and service.

The SAIC Hongyan Genlyon model is the first heavy truck in China to pass the European ECE R29 collision standard. When the vehicle collides, the cab can be moved back 500mm in an instant to maximize the protection of the driver. From the time of listing in 2009 to the present, there is no case of driver death due to a rear-end accident. In the past, more than 80% of vehicle-related accidents were rear-end collisions. Such major vehicle accidents can now be solved by technical means, which is more effective than relying on people and relying on safety systems. ”

The SAIC Hongyan Genlyon Cursor engine has a life of 1.2 million kilometers without overhaul. There are even 9 years and 2.8 million kilometers without major repairs. Timely, high-quality service and maintenance can not only extend the life of the vehicle, reduce maintenance costs and time costs, but also improve vehicle safety.微信图片_20181011101421.jpg

Regardless of the focus on fuel consumption, vehicle models or safety, service, "high efficiency, low cost, good service", is the most valued place for all courier logistics big coffee now and in the future truck selection.

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