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Ordinary heavy engineering machinery


1 Excavating machinery such as single-bucket excavators (can be divided into crawler excavators and wheel excavators), multi-bucket excavators (also can be divided into bucket excavators and chain bucket excavators), multi-bucket trenching Machine (also can be divided into bucket bucket trencher and chain bucket trencher), rolling excavator, milling excavator, tunnel boring machine (including shield machine).

2 Shovel transportation machinery such as bulldozers (which can be further divided into tire-type bulldozers and crawler-type bulldozers) and scrapers (which can be further classified as crawler self-propelled scrapers, tire self-propelled scrapers and tractor scrapers), Loaders (can be divided into wheel loaders and track loaders, graders (also can be divided into self-propelled graders and drag graders), transport vehicles (also can be divided into single-axis transport vehicles and two-axis traction Transport vehicles, flatbeds, dump trucks, etc.

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