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Prevent vehicle temperature too low in Winter


In some areas, even the night temperature is close to zero. Both low temperature and hot summer are testing us and our trucks at all times. The engine is afraid of too much coolant temperature, but at the same time it is afraid that the coolant temperature is too low. For our common diesel engines, the normal operating temperature of the coolant is around 80 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the coolant is too low, the fuel consumption of the vehicle will be high and the engine will wear quickly. If your vehicle temperature is difficult to reach normal temperature, you can refer to the following reasons.14

(Iveco Hongyan Truck Saic-Fiat-Hongyan Cursor Engine)

The thermostat has failed. The thermostat is a valve that controls the flow path of the coolant. It is a thermostat that usually contains a temperature sensing component that turns on or off the flow of air, gas or liquid by thermal expansion or contraction. Its specific role is to control the temperature of the engine within a normal range. When the temperature is high, the thermostat will open a large cycle, and the high-temperature coolant will flow to the radiator to dissipate heat. When the temperature is low, the large cycle is turned off, and only the coolant is circulated in the engine without passing through the radiator. If the thermostat fails, the engine cooling system will only work in the large cycle mode and the temperature will be too low.

Remove the thermostat by yourself. In the hot summer weather, the engine is easy to overheat, so many car owners like to directly remove the thermostat, so that the circulation system has maintained a large cycle, but after the temperature is lowered, there is no control of the thermostat, the engine coolant is long-term The large circulation state makes the temperature difficult to reach the standard, so the owners who have removed the thermostat must remember to put the thermostat back.

Fan clutch failure. In order to save fuel, most trucks are equipped with fan clutches. Their main function is to combine or cut off the fan power to timely cool the engine water tank according to the engine water temperature change. Generally, there is a water temperature sensor in the engine water tank. When the water temperature is high (above 85 degrees, set by the manufacturer), after the controller collects the high temperature signal, the output electric control fan relay pulls in, and then controls the fan clutch to work, so that the fan Rotate and cool the engine water tank. Ultimately ensure that the engine temperature is not too high and cause a malfunction. If the fan clutch fails, the fan will be in full-heat mode for a long time, or if the fan clutch is manually locked, it may cause the engine coolant temperature to be too low. In addition, a full-powered fan will also increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Trucks are made up of many systems. Any problem in one link can lead to incalculable consequences. This is very similar to ours, because people's body temperature should also be kept within a normal range. If it is too high or too low, it will come out. Question, I hope that everyone can take care of their car to prevent the situation of hypothermia.

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