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Replace bulged tire immediately


Tire bulges are very dangerous, especially the front wheels. In the event of running, tires can cause accidents due to bulging, which is even more dangerous on the highway. Therefore, once the inspection, the drum kit should be replaced in time.

At the same time, when many truck drivers check the tire pressure during the driving process, they often get off the vehicle and judge whether the tire pressure is normal by hitting the tire with a crowbar or the like. At this time, due to the high temperature of the wheel, the tire pressure is high, and the crowbar impacts the tire. There will be a high risk of puncture, and the tire pressure of the truck is generally high. Once the puncture has a large impact, if the tire is bulged, it will be more likely to cause a puncture if it is impacted, so the damage is not uncommon.

The correct method: Once the tire is found, please replace it immediately. Check the tire pressure and use a special air pressure gauge.

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