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Spare Parts Library Organization Requirements


1. Organization of spare parts library

Because of the production scale of enterprises, the establishment of management institutions, production methods, and the types and quantities of spare parts that companies have, as well as the regional supply of spare parts, the organization of spare parts stores should also be different. The machinery industry enterprises can be roughly divided into comprehensive spare parts warehouses, mechanical spare parts warehouses, electrical spare parts warehouses, and rough spare parts warehouses.

(1) Comprehensive spare parts library

Comprehensive spare parts storehouse will all spare parts for maintenance such as machine tool spare parts, electrical spare parts, hydraulic components, rubber seals and spare parts for power equipment. All of them are centralized and unified management, which avoids separate storage, and are more favorable for a unified spare part plan. In the past, there were many enterprises adopting this form, including large-scale enterprises and small and medium enterprises. However, due to the large number of spare parts, it is easy for the joint management and the company's production and supply departments to have unclear division of labor, which can easily cause mutual wrangling and duplication of reserve.

(2) Mechanical spare parts library

Mechanical spare parts store only mechanical spare parts (gears, shafts, screw and other mechanical parts), the form is relatively simple, easy to manage, but often need to replace bearings, seals, electrical parts and other parts in the repair, maintenance personnel need to go to the supply department to collect .

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