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Spare Parts Role Task


1. Seriously make acceptance of imported spare parts, keep them properly, and carefully maintain them so that they are not lost, damaged, or deteriorated during inventory.

2. Accounts are clear, accounts, cards, and goods are in accordance with the requirements.

3. Accurately count the status of out-ware and out-warehousing of spare parts, and fill in the statements in accordance with the prescribed forms and time requirements so as to facilitate the timely provision of information.

4. According to the quota data of the spare parts reserve, the spare parts order details of spare parts are put forward to provide basis for the preparation of spare parts, production, and ordering.

5. Assist spare parts engineers and technicians in dealing with backlogs, reduce inventory, and accelerate capital turnover.

6. Make good old-for-new trades, old repairs and wastes to save materials.

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