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Summary of emergency escape device on bus


For driving safety issues, we are not only paying attention to private cars. This article gives you a summary of the common emergency escape devices on passenger bus, and these are printed in our minds with common sense.A9 Series luxury bus HFF6120K06D副本

In-vehicle emergency valve

If the vehicle encounters an emergency, it is most important to escape from the car. The position of the emergency valve in the car needs to be understood by everyone. It is usually located above the door. When the emergency valve cover is opened in a sudden situation, the emergency valve can be rotated according to the arrow prompt to open the door. This method can effectively avoid the situation that the door cannot be opened due to vehicle circuit problems.u=3102350613,3413224101&fm=173&app=49&f=JPEG

External safety valve

Similar to the nature of the emergency valve in the car, but the position is next to the door outside the vehicle. The method of use is the same as that of the emergency valve inside the vehicle. According to the arrow, the gas in the door pipe is released, and the door can be opened from the outside of the vehicle. The door is broken. In the event of an emergency, you can also enter the car for rescue at the first time.


Roof escape exit

We also rarely see accidents in which passenger cars roll over. In the case that such doors or windows are not easy to escape, the escape exit of the roof will come in handy. A red button will be set at the escape exit, and the escape exit will be opened by pressing or rotating the button according to the prompt and then pushing the entire exit cover.u=3127600113,3973301907&fm=173&app=49&f=JPEG

Safety hammer, fire extinguisher, etc.

The old-fashioned vehicle tools can indeed come in handy at critical moments. It is necessary to use it again. When using the safety hammer, the part to be hit is not the center of the window, but the four corners of the window. You can't use brute force when hitting, hitting the glass to show the floral state, you can use the foot to pull out and then make a second escape, but pay attention to avoid secondary damage. In the absence of a safety hammer, it can be replaced by objects such as fire extinguishers and high heels.u=3562788937,2877494739&fm=173&app=49&f=JPEG

Basically, each passenger car will be equipped with several fire extinguishers. If the fire source in the car is within the controllable range, turn the fire extinguisher upside down to make the internal dry powder even, unplug the safety buckle and press the pressure handle. If the fire has a tendency to spread, you should flee the car in time and evacuate to the safe area.u=71959245,2666949169&fm=173&app=49&f=JPEG

I have an understanding of the function and usage of the escape device in the car, but how to deal with the sudden situation mentioned at the beginning?

In the case of falling water, you must first keep yourself calm, and the vehicle will not sink immediately after falling into the water, but a downward process, which is also the best time to escape. At this time, if you can escape from the door, it is the best choice. If the door cannot be opened, you can use the safety hammer to break the window and escape. However, it should be noted that after the vehicle falls into the water, the pressure difference between the inside and the outside is extremely great. Take a deep breath before breaking the window to avoid being caught by the water.


If there is an uncontrollable fire on the bus, the first time to evacuate in an orderly manner, be careful to choose a bow-down posture during the evacuation, pay attention to protect the nose and mouth, and avoid inhaling smoke.

Driving safety is no small matter, and the safety of passenger cars cannot be ignored. Safety is the nearest road.

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