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Truck Air Brake Maintenance Precautions

  1. Inspection and replacement of brake pads and brake discs

Trucks, especially when loading goods, have large mass and inertia. When braking, they exert more force on the brake pads and generate more heat. Most brake failures are caused by the continuous operation of the brake pads, so the maintenance of the brake pads and brake discs is essential.

The brake pads and brake discs are worn parts, and the degree of wear is related to the truck driver's braking habits and driving conditions. It can be judged by watching the degree of wear of the brake pads of the truck, and if it reaches the critical point, it must be replaced immediately. The main maintenance contents of the brake pads include the high temperature protection of the brake pads, the lubrication of the brake cylinders, and the cleaning of the brake discs.

2.Brake pads wear unevenly

The brake disc is the same as the brake disc, and it needs to be replaced when it is worn to the limit. Generally, it is necessary to change the brake disc when changing the three brake pads. The brake discs work frequently, the friction produces high temperatures, and even the burnt has been burnt into brick red. Some drivers here think of using water to cool down, but in fact this damage to the brake disc is great.

3.Inferior dry cans have major hidden dangers to avoid!

Speaking of dry tanks, everyone is familiar with it. It is used to filter the water vapor in the compressed air in the gas system, preventing the gas cylinder and various pump valves from being corroded. Therefore, whether the drying tank can work normally directly affects the brakes. Performance. Although the drying tank is not expensive, many card friends can still save the province. The quality of the drying tank does not matter. As long as one can be used, some can not be changed even in a few years.

4.Drying tank installed on the air line

At present, the price of genuine dry cans on the market is basically around 200 yuan, while the retail price of inferior products is basically below 100 yuan, and even the wholesale price is only 20 yuan. After using this inferior dry tank for a short period of time, it will lose the effect of absorbing moisture in the air. Some desiccants in the drying tank will also enter the vehicle's pneumatic system, resulting in greater safety and property damage. Before, there were card friends sharing their personal experiences: When they ran Heilongjiang, the inferior dry cans failed, and the brakes in the brake cylinders caused the brakes to fail. In the cold winter, how to choose a good quality drying can is a matter of learning.

In addition, when we choose the drying tank, we should try to select those drying tanks with fine and large pores and strong structure. There are a lot of holes in the drying tanks on the market that use larger diameter holes. This design is not wrong at first glance, but if you use a thinner filter paper and a smaller diameter desiccant, it is easy to get the vehicle. In the gas path, a large pressure pushes out the internal desiccant and directly enters the vehicle's gas path, causing the gas path to be blocked and a safety hazard.

The life of the drying tank has a very large relationship with the environment. Generally speaking, when a gas tank farthest from the air compressor can release water, it proves that the drying tank has become ineffective and should be replaced with a new one. tank.

How can I avoid water in the winter?

In the winter, all kinds of braking problems will emerge in an endless stream, and the problem of gas path is the most easily overlooked by many card friends. Many of the air at normal temperature will be heated when passing through the air pump, and gradually cool down during the process of continuing backward through the pipeline. During the cooling process, the moisture in the air will condense into a liquid state due to condensation, so it exists in the winter pipeline. There are many problems with moisture. In this case, drying the tank is more important. If the drying tank fails, the moisture in the gas path will be too much and the ice will block the gas path, making the brakes insensitive or even failing the brakes, causing an accident.

On the other hand, when the winter is dry and cold, many gas pipelines will become very brittle, prone to cracks or even breaks. Once the air leaks, it will make it difficult to reach the set value, causing the brake to fail and making the drying tank impossible. regeneration.

Therefore, before driving, you should carefully check whether the air line joint is aging or cracked. If it is found, it should be replaced in time. The second is the regular air pipe and quick joint in the road. Once the gas path is broken, it can be replaced and repaired immediately. The distribution of the gas path is large, and it is inevitable that it will come into contact with the frame or other parts. If the contact parts are frequently rubbed, the damage of the pipeline will be accelerated. Therefore, it is necessary to promptly check the place where the pipeline is scattered and chaotic to avoid accelerated damage.

The air pump is the source of the whole truck pressure, the most important is the brake gas. In daily maintenance, the air pump is also one of the places that is easily overlooked. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, the pump will be prone to abnormal wear, oil, and oil, and water or oil in the air path. Affect the braking performance of the vehicle.

The current pump is basically taken from the intake pipe and then compressed into the gas tank. When the inferior air filter is used or the air intake pipe of the air pump is operated separately, it is easy to cause the foreign matter to enter the air pump, causing abnormal wear of the air pump. The abnormal wear of the pump is mainly caused by the cylinder of the pump, the piston ring, and the wear of the pump bush.

The entry of long-term impure air can cause serious problems such as serious cylinder wear, large diameter, thin piston ring wear, and oil lubrication. More serious will lead to the pumping oil, the oil is compressed into the gas tank through the pump, which affects the braking performance, and also consumes oil.

Some air pumps use engine circulating water for cooling in a similar manner to engine blocks. Some card friends use water instead of antifreeze in daily use, causing scale inside the pump, blocking the water channel, and affecting the heat dissipation of the pump. Therefore, in the maintenance of the pump, it is recommended that the card friends use high-quality air filter and antifreeze, do not put the air pump inlet pipe to work independently.


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