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Truck and Bus Air Brake Principle and Advantage


Compared with the brake structure of the Hydraulic brake, the air brake is more complicated. In addition to the brake master cylinder, the sub-pump and the brake line, there is also an air pump (connected to the engine through the belt), the air reservoir, and the high pressure controller. (Adjusting pressure, the car can reach 8 atmospheres), relay valves and other components, the installation space is large, the structure is more complicated, and in order to ensure safety, the rear brake cylinder is now a gas brake (increased cost, complex structure). In addition, due to the rapid response of the air brake, the brakes are rough and the force is high (the air pressure is high, it can reach 8 atmospheres), so most of them are used on large trucks and buses.

Air brake principle: When we step on the brake, it is equal to open the main pump valve (both check valves, only intake air, can not come back), compressed air enters the rear brake spring cylinder through the check valve, pushes the brake arm The brake cam rotates, and the brake shoes (now mostly asbestos, brake pads with copper wire) are opened and braked (cast iron) to make close contact with each other to achieve the purpose of braking. Nowadays, the double-circuit and cross-braking piping system is used to ensure that the pipeline leaks somewhere and there is brake.

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