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Trucks maintenance tips in Winter

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Maintenance of the tires. Check the tire pressure and the friction of the tire surface. If the surface of the tire is seriously worn and there is not enough friction, it is very dangerous when driving. Therefore, it is necessary to check the replacement tire in time, and the tires that have been repaired many times should be replaced as much as possible. Even if it is a new tire, clean up the surface of the tire and check for bulging or scratches.1

(Ieveco Hongyan tractor truck)

Maintenance of the storage battery. If you find that there is green oxide at the electrode wiring, you must be vigilant, because this will cause the generator to generate insufficient power, so that the battery is in a deficient state. If it is serious, it will cause the battery to be scrapped early, or it will not be able to drive.

Seats and foot pads should be cleaned in time. Due to the high temperature and rain in summer, the seats and foot pads in the car breed a lot of bacteria. In the fall, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle.

Maintenance of the spark plug. The ignition system is related to whether the vehicle can be started. When entering the fall, these parts should be carefully inspected, especially the spark plugs and other plug parts to see if it is rusty. Once it is rusted, it needs to be treated with a professional cleaning agent. For best results.

Replace the thinner engine oil. As the "blood" of the engine, the oil is divided into two types: ordinary oil and general purpose oil. General purpose oil can be used in both winter and summer, but ordinary oil has winter and summer. If the oil is applied in the summer in the winter, the oil will become very viscous in the cold, causing a large resistance at the start, and problems such as difficulty in starting or lowering the engine speed after starting may occur. The oil is divided into 0W, 5W, 10W according to the viscosity. The smaller the number, the thinner the oil, the more suitable for autumn and winter.

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