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What if the truck battery is not powered in winter?


When the vehicle is parked for a long time, we often encounter difficulties in starting the battery due to lack of electricity. Especially in winter, the low temperature causes the battery activity to decrease, and the old battery is more prone to power shortage. What if the battery is not powered?

In the past, when there was a hard time in the winter, there was an old way of boiling water. In fact, boiling water is to use the hot water to pour the positive and negative poles of the battery. Because the battery is used for a period of time, the electrolyte overflows and oxidizes, and reacts with the copper battery to produce some corrosive substances (hydrous copper sulfate). These corrosive substances may cause poor battery contact, and hot water can make these oxides fast. Easy to enhance the electrical conductivity of the truck. This method is actually only to deal with the poor contact of the battery pole due to oxides. In the case of a serious battery shortage, this method does not play a role in supplementing the power. Moreover, most trucks today are maintenance-free batteries, and oxidation of the battery at both stages is rare.

Push the truck , it will move but can't be ignited. In the past, this approach was super practical. If the battery is dead, find a few strong men's carts, and use the gear to slide slowly to lift the clutch to catch fire. However, this old method is not necessarily able to pass the current EFI diesel truck. The battery is seriously deficient in power, and the injector and ECU cannot enter the normal working state at all, even if the big truck can push, but Also can't get a truck.

It is the most common practice to find someone to take the electricity. Before connecting the wires, make sure that the power supply vehicle is off and ensure that the length of the wires is appropriate. Under normal circumstances, the positive and negative poles of the battery have obvious signs. When they are ready, they can start to take the electricity. The red lines are connected to the positive poles of the two cars, and the black wires are connected to the negative poles of the two cars. When connecting the line, first connect the positive pole and then connect the negative pole to ensure that the positive and negative snaps are locked. Once the line is connected, the feeder can start trying to catch fire. It seems simple to take the line, but in the actual operation process, pay attention to ensure that the positive and negative poles can not be short-circuited, otherwise it will cause damage to the iron components of the vehicle.

There is another thing in its implementation phase called Emergency Power. The principle is similar to the charging treasure we use, the size is generally not too large, it is convenient to carry, and the emergency can play a certain role.杰狮6X4dump truck

(Saic Iveco Hongyan Genlyon Dump Truck)

Under normal circumstances, the life of the maintenance-free battery at this stage is 2-3 years. If you pay attention to maintenance, some card friends can support the battery for 4-5 years. In fact, in addition to the battery life, in addition to the quality of the product, the correct use and maintenance methods can also ensure the longest life of the battery.

High-power inverter: For long-distance card friends, use the cigarette lighter to add high-power electric equipment, such as rice cookers, hair dryers, etc., by adding inverters. Occasional use in the short term does not have much impact, but long-term use will not only make the line at a high load, but also have a significant impact on the life of the battery. It is not recommended to use multiple high-power consumers at the same time.

Frequent fires in winter: In the winter, due to the impact of climate and other aspects, the vehicle is not a dozen. Do not ignite frequently, causing the starter to consume a lot of power and overloading the battery. In case of difficulty in ignition of the vehicle, you should take the initiative to find the cause.

Turn off the main power supply: Now whether it is a light card or a heavy card, basically the power main switch is designed. When the vehicle is in a long-term stop state, remember to turn off the main power switch to prevent the battery from running.

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