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Generally Truck to Transport goods BUT Special Truck for Various Use


A Truck, also called a lorry, generally called cargo truck. It is a motor vehicle used mainly for transport goods, sometimes also referred to a vehicle that can pull other vehicles, falls under the commercial vehicles category. Truck can be divided into heavy truck and light truck according to the weight. Most trucks use diesel engines, but some light trucks use petrol, LPG or natural gas.

On 1st July, 1975, the 2.5 ton suv was officially put into production at the automobile factory in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. The construction of the Second Automobile Manufacturing Plant is a milestone of China's automobile industry. It is completely completed by the Chinese people themselves. No foreign technical personnel participated in the construction process, which indicates that the development of China's automobile industry has reached a high level.

Truck is a form of vehicle for carrying goods and commodities, including dump trucks, tractor trucks, off-road and roadless areas, and various types of trucks (such as airport ferry bus, fire truck and ambulances, oil tankers, container tractors, etc.) specially manufactured for special needs.

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