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Isuzu Qingling 4x2 380hp Tractor Head Truck

Tractor truck is used ISUZU 6W series engine, the fuel consumption performance of the practical rotating speed zone with high frequency is pursued, from pressurization to cooling and fuel injection, and the fuel cost is maximized to reduce;EGP exhaust gas processer; new ZFEcosplit 4 gearbox.

Product Details
Tractor Drive 4x2
Roof High
Model NO. QL4180U2JDR
Weight GCW 42000
Kerb Weight(kg) 6980
Tow Weight(kg) 34890
Dimension Wheelbase 3450
Length 5790
Width 2540
Height 3720/3970
Front/Rear Hang 1370/970
Fifth Wheel Height 1295
Front Turning Radius 1800
Rear Turning Radius 1900
Engine Model  6UZ1-TCG50
Rated Power(KW) 279
Max. Torque (kgf.m(N.m)) 180(1765)
Final Ratio 3.909(option:2.85,3.08,3.36,3.7)
Suspension Leaf  Spring
Fuel Tank 400L

315/80R22.5  18PR (12R22.5 18PR)

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