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40 Units Ankai A9 Series High-End Bus Join In 'China National Guest Bus Team'

On 22th August, 40 units Ankai bus A9 series high-end bus departed from Hefei, Anhui, and went to the capital Beijing to help the Shou Qi Group to build a better “China National Guest Bus Team”. In the future, we will see the Ankai A9 in more major national conferences and events. This is also the second time that the A9 buses have been put into use again after the 600 units of Saudi Arabia have been exported this year.


The Shou Qi Group is the first automobile company in New China specializing in foreign guests' reception and execution of central political tasks. It is also the leading all-round automobile service provider in China. It has the longest history, largest scale and comprehensive reception capacity in China's tourism automobile industry. The strongest. In particular, the " China National Guest Bus Team " has been receiving politicians and celebrities from all over the world for many years. Its high specifications and high quality of vehicles are world-renowned.


As the preferred service provider for major party and national conference activities, the First Automobile Group not only continued to undertake the transportation services of previous party congresses and the two national conferences. In recent years, it also successfully completed the China-Africa Forum, the Asia-Europe Meeting, the Beijing Olympic Games, and 2014. The APEC series meeting, the 2015 Asian Investment Bank signing ceremony, the SCO Zhengzhou Summit, the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, the 2017 Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and other major international and domestic activities of transportation services.


It is precisely because the transportation service tasks undertaken by the Shou Qi Group are mostly high-standard and strict requirements. Therefore, in the choice of vehicles, the Shouqi Group is also strictly selected by near-perfect standards. As the largest full-load passenger car manufacturer in China, Ankai is a model of high-quality luxury passenger cars in China. The first purchase of the Ankai A9 high-end passenger car by the Shou Qi Group is not only the recognition of the strategic cooperation of Ankai Bus for many years, but also the full recognition of the A9 model.


A truly high-quality brand can stand the test of time and bear the heavy responsibility of the country's major events, such as Beijing Shou Qi Group and Ankai Bus.

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