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50 Units Ankai A8 Buses In Ghana Serving Good In Passed Three Months

High-end atmosphere, safe and reliable!” After exporting to Ghana and serving in the local area for more than three months, 50 units Ankai A8 buses received high praise from users in Ghana.


    Just in July of this year, 50 units Ankai A8 buses sailed along the Maritime Silk Road to the “Gold Coast” Ghana, and all delivered to the Ghana Ministry of Defense as a transport vehicle for local use. This is the first time that the Chinese bus brand serves Ghana’s defense. The system, after more than three months of field operations, Ankai A8 once again proved the strength of Chinese manufacturing with excellent market reputation.


Both internal and external good quality

    The appearance of the military green, the smooth design of the whole vehicle line, and the overall style of the atmosphere make the Ankai A8 attract a lot of attention in the Ghana defense department. Simple but not simple design, and domineering with the military style, laid the foundation for the A8 initial "circle powder."

    For a product, its name is "used" after all. Ghana is located in the western part of Africa. The coastline is about 562 kilometers long. Its climate is characterized by high temperature and high humidity. The Ankai A8 is used as a military vehicle. In addition to adapting to the harsh natural climate, it often challenges mud and stone pits. Complex road conditions such as roads.


    As a custom-built model for Ghana, the Ankai A8 is equipped with an air conditioner with excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature weather resistance, and optimizes the air conditioning efficiency of the air conditioner, achieving a performance recovery rate of 60%. This not only ensures a stronger cooling effect, but also achieves a higher energy efficiency ratio and lower fuel consumption. It is worth mentioning that the A8 also adopts the digital automatic temperature control design, which not only can automatically diagnose faults, but also greatly improve the convenience of operation and maintenance.


    In the face of complex road conditions, the power and safety of the Ankai A8 is even more praiseworthy for Ghanaian users. The car is powered by Yuchai YC6L350-20 engine. The high horsepower and large torque make it easy to climb or accelerate. The power is sufficient to ensure that the vehicle can better meet various road conditions and high-load transportation requirements.


    In addition, in order to cope with the problem of airbag damage in the case of potholes, the A8 chose the leaf spring suspension to ensure its durability and lower maintenance cost.


    In terms of safety, in addition to the patented full-loading technology, the Ankai A8 front windshield also adopts a double glass structure design to ensure the safety of its use in the field environment by improving the structural strength. At the same time, this design also greatly enhances the strength of the entire cab, thereby increasing the protection of the driver.


    Before the vehicles arrived in Ghana for use, Ankai overseas service personnel carried out a detailed physical examination of the vehicles at the fastest speed, and inspected the electronic appliances and vehicle operation items of each vehicle in turn, in two The task was completed in days. After the delivery of the vehicle, Ankai service personnel visited the user several times and actively solved all the problems and problems encountered by the user in the use of the vehicle, and received high praise from the Ghanaian side.


    As a mainstream Chinese bus company that has been cultivating overseas for many years, Ankai Bus has attached great importance to the construction of overseas service network and the supply system of parts in addition to continuously improving service levels.


    As early as 2010, Ankai buses began to export to Ghana in bulk. Over the years, Ankai has continuously strengthened the supply of parts supply system. In the process of product export for many years, Ankai has realized the storage and management of local parts storage, ensuring that the quantity and types of spare parts are complete and reasonable, thus the vehicle After-sales maintenance work forms a strong support.


    For the overseas market, the importance of the service system is self-evident, from the “hunter” to the “deep cultivator”. The Ankai bus has been deeply immersed in many years of hard work. From quality wins to service wins, Ankai passenger cars have step by step to create a model for Chinese passenger cars to go out to sea.


    Now, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, the successful hosting of the 2018 China-Africa Cooperation Forum has ushered in a new “golden period” for China-Africa cooperation. Ghana is both a leader in the economic development of western Africa and one of the important overseas markets for China's manufacturing exports and China's foreign economic and trade cooperation.


    The continuous strengthening of the cooperation between Ankai Bus and Ghana fully demonstrates the improvement of China's manufacturing and overseas service levels, and also serves as a strong evidence for the further deepening of China-Africa cooperation.


    In the future, with the two-way development of Ankai in the field of products and services, Ankai Bus will be recognized in Africa, and even more markets around the world.

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