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5G Car Networking Will Be Built In Peking Key Areas Next Year

A plan of action for the development of Beijing Intelligent Networked Auto and Autopilot will be released in the next four years. The Action Plan proposes that Beijing will be actively promoted to become a key demonstration and application city for 5G vehicle networking. In 2020, 5G vehicle networking will be completed in key areas. In terms of “car”, these four years will strengthen the ability of autonomous driving technology, promote the ecological construction of “car brain”, build a new vehicle manufacturing system, accelerate the mass production of new L3 and L4 vehicles, and attract global advantageous industries and technical resources in Beijing. Forming the scale manufacturing capability of intelligent networked automotive core components. In the 2022 development goal, the Winter Olympics is a key node. According to the plan, the city will aim to realize the comprehensive application of intelligent networked vehicles in the Winter Olympics, accelerate the pace of technological breakthroughs and product development, accelerate the launch of new technologies, upgrade new vehicles, improve practical capabilities, and improve technical standards, application standards and safety standards. , basically complete the construction of intelligent networked automotive technology system.

Among them, in terms of technological innovation, we have broken through the bottlenecks in the development of key components such as vision sensors, radar (millimeter wave, laser, etc.) sensors and processor chips, and the technical level has entered the global first echelon; in the operation demonstration, an efficient and safe new generation has been formed. Intelligent transportation application demonstration system, the demonstration operation area reaches 500 square kilometers; in terms of industrial development, it will also build a domestic leading intelligent network connection automobile innovation chain and industrial chain, and build an industrial cluster with intelligent manufacturing and wisdom to act as the main body, driving Beijing. The Jinyu area forms an intelligent networked automobile industry manufacturing and application service system.

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