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65 Units Ankai Pure Electric Buses Enter Feixi County


On October 26, the newly purchased 65 Ankai New Energy Bus of Feixi Public Transport Co., Ltd ( slowly entered the Chengguan Bus Junction Station, and brushing a row of new energy buses will add a flowing landscape to Feixi County. 291654348ksd

It is reported that the newly added 65 buses are Ankai new energy small buses. The length of the vehicles is 6.5 meters. The models are automatic and will replace some old buses in townships and villages. For passengers, the new energy bus brings passengers a feeling of subway-like comfort. For the environment, the new energy bus is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, truly achieving zero emissions and greatly improving the environment.29165454ay0d

 In April 2013, Feixi Bus Co., Ltd. was formally established. At that time, there were only 30 buses and only 3 lines. At present, there are 275 buses in Feixi, and the number of buses has reached 25, achieving full coverage of 13 townships and towns in Feixi, completely changing the way of mass travel, from passengers who can only take less routes, long intervals, and high fares. Shuttle bus, to 1 RMB can take the circular bus to the county, the people travel more convenient. Vehicles from the original purchase of diesel buses, natural gas buses, to pure electric new energy buses, not only green and environmentally friendly, but also cold and air-conditioned vehicles, improve the passenger comfort. At present, the number of citizens who travel by bus every year in Feixi County has reached 18 million. The development of public transportation has promoted the progress of the city to a certain extent and enjoyed the economic benefits brought by the prosperity of the city.


(Ankai mini pure electric city bus inner)

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