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Ankai bus announced a USD67.436 million contract

Ankai Bus announced that the company recently signed a "sales contract" with Hafir Transport Company, the contract amount of 67.436 million US dollars (about 456 million yuan), accounting for 8.37% of the company's 2017 audited operating income, contract from 2019 Delivered in batches from April of the year.

67.436 million US dollars contract signed between Ankai bus and Hafir Transportation

Stock code: 000868  Stock abbreviation: Ankai Bus  Announcement No.: 2019-003

The main content of the contract:

1. Contract signing time: January 10, 2019

2. Contract conditions:

(1) Signature by both parties

(2) 15% of the contract amount received plus a down payment of US$21,297

3. Contract performance period: delivered in batches from April 2019

4. Product cooperation scope: Ankai brand passenger bus

5. Contract amount: USD 67,334,800 (approximately RMB 456 million)

6, payment method:

(1) The buyer will add 15% of the contract amount to 21,297 USD within 2 working days.

The down payment is paid to the seller's designated account.

(2) The balance of the remaining contract is financed by the buyer to the bank, and the buyer shall deliver the vehicle.

Transfer the contract balance to the seller's account before.

(3) If the buyer's financing fails to be in place, some orders will be cancelled. Residual contract

The last paragraph was changed to TT payment.

7. Port of departure: China's arbitrary port

Established in 1998, Hafil Transport is a subsidiary of MOHAMMED YOUSUF NAGHI MOTORS. It is the largest transportation company in Saudi Arabia. It has 11,000 passenger cars and is mainly engaged in the transportation of pilgrimages and school buses. The company has good development capabilities, good payment and good performance. Ankai bus has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with it.

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