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Ankai 8.5-meter Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Is Full Of Gold


The bus is the third generation hydrogen fuel cell bus of Ankai Bus, built on a fully loaded structural platform. The vehicle adopts the design concept of light weight, integration, low hydrogen consumption, wide temperature range and platform, and is optimized in terms of safety, reliability, environmental adaptability and comprehensive cost. Moreover, its fuel cell system has the advantages of highly integrated custom design, optimized system matching and minimal system architecture design, and the vehicle can achieve a balance between power, economy and comfort.


In the bus industry, new energy has become an inevitable trend of development. Compared with pure electric buses, hydrogen fuel cell buses are not the mainstream models of new energy buses, but they are very advantageous. Because the main fuel is hydrogen, using physical and chemical reactions to generate power, it can truly achieve “no pollution, zero emissions”. 

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