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Ankai Bus BEST K7 Service China-Africa Cooperation Forum

From September 3rd to 4th, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum was held in Beijing in 2018. The gathering of Chinese and African leaders in Beijing is the largest domestic diplomatic event held by foreign leaders this year.


The new era of China-Africa relations moving toward common development has opened a new milestone in China-Africa relations. Ankai Bus once again carries a glorious mission – 60 units BEST K7 form the largest and largest commuter team of the same type of middle type bus, bringing high-end, comfortable travel services to the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, not only showing Chinese brands The style also conveys the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese nation.


As an outstanding representative of Chinese brands and quality, Ankai has been contributing to the promotion of China-Africa pragmatic cooperation. In 2014, Ankai exported 1,100 passenger cars in Algeria, creating the largest single order for the international export of the passenger car industry. Over time, Ankai buses operate in Sudan, South Africa, Congo, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria and other countries, helping to establish a new environmental protection and intelligent transportation system.

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