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Ankai Bus Has Been Certified By The China Quality Certification Center For “five-star” After-sales Service

Not long ago, the expert group of China Quality Certification Center conducted a detailed and rigorous review and evaluation of the Ankai bus after-sales service system based on the "Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System" (GB/T27922-2011). As a national standard promulgated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration, the service evaluation system mainly reviews and evaluates the three major indicators of after-sales service system, commodity service and customer service.20181112100154298

During the audit, the expert group made a detailed inspection and review of Ankai's service standards, service procedures, service commitments and establishment of service outlets, including vehicle maintenance, maintenance, rescue, spare parts storage, transportation, customer service. Satisfaction, word of mouth, etc. Through comprehensive and comprehensive service situation, the expert group highly praised the level of the after-sales service system of Ankai Bus, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on its service culture and service team construction.


According to the specific evaluation method, the total score of this evaluation is 100 points, and there are five levels: non-standard, standard, Samsung, four-star and five-star. Among them, the score must be no less than 80 points to enter the star-rated after-sales service range, and the highest five-star after-sales service requires a score of not less than 95 points. Ankai Bus has won the highest level of after-sales service certification with a score of 96.5 points, which is enough to explain the achievements of Ankai in the after-sales service system.

From the assessment unit, to the assessment system, to the final score, it can be said that every aspect of Ankai's after-sales service certification has a heavy gold content.

At present, Ankai has 556 service stations across the country, and its service network covers all major and medium-sized cities across the country. At the same time, Ankai also promises that all service stations will respond to service needs 24 hours a day, and provide free technical support for customers for life.


In the future, Ankai Bus will continue to improve the service system and continue to enhance the service brand through the standardization of service processes, the normalization of service activities, the humanization of service concepts, the refinement of service management and the informationization of the whole process of informationization. The creation strives to fundamentally improve the quality and image of Chinese brands through the improvement of service levels, so as to continuously demonstrate the quality and responsibility of Chinese manufacturing.

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