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Ankai Bus Won The King Of 2018 Long Distance Passenger Line

Recently, in the "Second Search for Vehicle Limits" event, after a rigorous review by the organizing committee, Ankai Bus won the " The King of 2018 Long Distance Passenger Line " award.


The “Looking for the bus Limit” campaign aims to advance the industry with role models and find and witness the limits of commercial vehicle use. In the process of following the search, discovery, witness and reporting, the expert jury has undergone a rigorous review and finally selected the 16-vehicle limit record of the “Second Search for Vehicle Limits” activity. The Sino-Russian international passenger line consisting of Ankai luxury buses has a total distance of about 5,500 kilometers, setting a record for the longest line in the history of Chinese passenger transportation.

It is understood that the “Looking for the Car Limit” activity is based on finding the limit products from the actual operating vehicles, so that it can not only reflect the pros and cons of the products objectively, but also let users deeply feel the progress of domestic commercial vehicles, and also provide users with choices. An objective reference for purchasing a vehicle.

In the pre-assessment period, through the summary of the reported limit data, select the best indicators and data for preliminary review; in the later stage, the investigation team went to the vehicle operation site to conduct on-the-spot investigations and visits to verify the commercial vehicle operation selected by the preliminary review. Record. The rigorous review process proved the gold content of the award, and Ankai was strongly selected, which also proved the strength of the Ankai bus.

On May 18, 2018, Ankai Bus, the only passenger car brand for the first China-Russia international road transport trial operation, departed from Dalian to Novosibirsk, Russia's third largest city, and became the “One Belt, One Road” initiative for the road transport industry. The important measures provide demonstrations for the interconnection and construction of countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt.

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The Dalian-Novosibirsk international road transport route is currently the longest running distance between the Sino-Russian bilateral international road transport, the most routed city, and the most accessible route. With a total length of 5,500 kilometers and a round trip of 11,000 kilometers, such long mileage and time are a huge challenge to the reliability of passenger cars. The long distance and complicated road conditions of the running lines have set a record in the history of Chinese passenger transportation.

The Ankai HFF6120K03D2D4 passenger car that was put into operation was purchased by Dalian Jiaoyun Group in 2015. Before the trial run, it has already served the international line from Dalian to Russia Vladivostok. The vehicle is equipped with multimedia audio and video playback system, magazines and slippers. Pillows, blankets, Wi-Fi and more. Today, Ankai Bus once again escorts international road transport routes, which proves the high quality and outstanding comprehensive strength of the products.

Sailing overseas, showing the national brand style

According to reports, Dalian Jiaoyun Group has opened three international routes, and Ankai Bus has taken on the heavy responsibility in two of them. Especially in this cross-border tour, only Ankai Bus has completed the challenge of running an international road of about 5,500 kilometers, which shows its outstanding technical strength, product strength and strong brand power.

The Dalian-Novosibirsk international road transport route starts from Dalian, passes through Songyuan and Hulunbeier, then sails to Chita, Ulan-Ude, Russia, and then to cities such as Irkutsk and Tulum, and finally arrives in Novosibirsk, Russia. Such a long operating mileage is a huge challenge for product safety and reliability as well as various performances. The successful operation of this overseas route once again focused the global attention on Ankai buses and focused on manufacturing in China.111458039ggm

Not only that, thanks to the ultra-high quality and five-star after-sales service, Ankai Bus has repeatedly contributed to the car service guarantee work of major national events and enjoys the reputation of “state veteran”. Including major national events such as the National Conference, the 19th National Congress, the Hangzhou G20 Summit, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, the Shanghe Organization Qingdao Summit, the 70th Anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War, and the “One Belt, One Road” International Cooperation Summit, The figure of the Kay car and the creation of an excellent service reputation show the strength of the Chinese manufacturing.

While showing its style, Ankai is also firmly grasping the development opportunities. Under the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, the pace of overseas market promotion has accelerated rapidly. At present, Ankai Bus has successfully entered the world's major cities, including Washington, Las Vegas, Sydney, Australia, London, France, Paris, St. Petersburg, United Arab Emirates, etc., becoming the brand endorsement of high-quality luxury passenger cars in China. By. Ankai Bus, which insists on building high-quality products, has also been widely praised by users at home and abroad.

Under the guidance of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, facing the development of a highly modernized and new type of globalization, Ankai is sailing overseas to showcase its national brand.

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