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Basic Meaning Of Car

Cars, called RVs or private cars in certain regions, Sedan in American English and Saloon in the UK, usually refer to cars used for transportation of people and luggage and can be divided into small cars, medium-sized cars and large cars. In addition to the passenger compartment, the passenger car can be seen clearly in the length of the front and rear, so it can be clearly identified from the appearance of the engine room, personnel cabin and baggage compartment (some areas called the classification of the shape of the sedan) . The sedan is similar in appearance to the ancient sedan chair (England called Sedan chairs) and has a long handle behind the passenger compartment, hence the name "car."

(Horse-drawn) Carriage: A carriage with scorpions outside the old carriage. Car; Sedan: A car with four or two doors, a closed body, a fixed roof, and a carriage. It can generally accommodate four to seven people, including the driver.

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