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Bus History

The origin of public transport can be traced back to at least 1826. At the time a retired officer was in northwestern France

The first bus

On the outskirts of Nantes, the Ministry of Rupture runs a noodle workshop, where the hot water from the steam engine is bathed to build a public bath, and a four-wheel carriage service is provided to the city center.

When he discovered that people along the road could use his public carriage, he set up a bus route between the hotels to allow passengers and mail to use freely along the way.

Paris is the forerunner of the bus, followed by London. On July 4, 1829, the Englishman George Shillibeer's bus (Omnibus) appeared on the streets of London, along the newly built "New Road" to and from Paddington Paddington and the banking strip, stopping at Yorkshire Stingo, Yorkshire. 4 shifts per direction. Less than a decade later, this service was popularized in major cities on the east coast of France, the United Kingdom, and the United States (such as Paris, Lyon, London, and New York).

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