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China Add Three Railway Container Station For The Import Port Of Automobile

Source: China Gansu Net - Lanzhou Daily

On October 23, the reporter learned from the business department that the State Council recently approved the Lanzhou Railway Container Station as the import port for complete vehicles. At this point, the plan for Lanzhou to declare the import of designated ports for complete vehicles was officially implemented.

It is understood that on October 18, 2018, the State Council approved three railway container station as import ports for automobile vehicles, including Xinglong Railway Container Station, Zhangzhou Railway Container Station and Lanzhou Railway Container Station.

The import port of a complete vehicle refers to an import port that enjoys the overall business scope of importing automobiles from abroad. The vehicle import port can reduce various costs of the automobile transit import transit link, simplify import customs clearance procedures, and improve the efficiency of the circulation link. After Lanzhou is approved to import the whole vehicle, the whole vehicle can be directly imported from the port. The auto dealer can realize the customs clearance procedures nearby, and reduce the unnecessary freight, freight and demurrage fees. The company will further reduce the vehicle operating costs.

China is a country with open trade. We import and export at the same time. Please tell me your country's automobile import port.


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