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China High Oil Price Will Promote New Energy Vehicles

At present, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States is tense and the Iranian sanctions node is approaching. The trend of crude oil has risen for three consecutive days. Investors are once again concerned about the tight supply of global supply.

Zhang Yiyi told that the United States decided to impose a second round of sanctions on Iran on November 4, and the trade agreement between the United States and Canada led to a slight increase in international crude oil prices. However, in the latter period, the US stock market plunged into a panic mode, and the market’s bearish news continued. Crude oil prices have fallen sharply many times. Despite this, the average crude oil level is still higher than the previous cycle. Although the domestic reference crude oil rate has been decreasing, it is still in the positive range.

    As of October 18, Beijing time, international oil prices hit a four-week closing low, WTI November crude oil futures closed down 2.17 US dollars, down 3.02%, to 69.75 US dollars / barrel, the first month since September 17 closed the lowest. Brent December crude oil futures closed down 1.36 US dollars, down 1.67%, to 80.05 US dollars / barrel, the lowest since September 21.

Zou Xuelian, an analyst of Oil, believes that if the oil price of this round is raised, the retail price of 92# gasoline in more than half of the cities in China will reach more than 8 RMB, which indicates that the era of high oil prices is coming again, and the cost of end-user travel has increased significantly. Private car owners or choose other modes of travel, which will promote the development of new energy vehicles.HFF6101K10EV-1

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