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China's Automotive Industry Is Facing Hydrogen Energy Revolution


China News Service, Beijing, October 17th, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have the characteristics of zero emissions and long battery life, and are widely regarded by the industry as the ultimate choice for the automotive industry to achieve the energy revolution. Zhang Xueying, deputy director of the China National Information Center, said at the 6th China-Korea Automotive Industry Development Symposium on the 17th that China's auto industry is facing a new energy revolution. Hydrogen is one of the important energy sources in the future transportation field. The development of hydrogen-powered vehicles requires the promotion of relevant fields in the whole society.


In recent years, China's new energy vehicle market has developed rapidly, but pure electric vehicles still face difficulties such as high battery cost, short driving range and inconvenient charging. The 6th China-Korea Automotive Industry Development Seminar jointly organized by the Ministry of Information and Industry Development of China National Information Center and Hyundai Motor (China) aims to become an important platform for the exchange of automotive industry between China and South Korea. Chinese and Korean experts have shared experience in the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology, the construction of spare parts mass production system and the utilization of hydrogen energy.


Current energy and environmental issues are common challenges facing the world. Hydrogen is becoming an important choice for international energy change because of its extensive, clean and renewable nature. Hydrogen has unique advantages in the industrial and power sectors, especially in the transportation sector. China is rich in hydrogen and is the world's largest hydrogen producer. Moreover, China's solar power generation and wind power generation are huge. How to make full use of wind power and solar power generation is of great strategic significance to China.

In recent years, China has also strengthened its strategic layout of hydrogen energy. Various departments have introduced measures to support the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. Some regions have begun to develop and develop hydrogen energy industries, and promote the development of hydrogen energy as a local high-quality development and transformation and upgrading. The important engine. However, the development of China's hydrogen energy industry started relatively late, and technical standards have yet to be improved. On the whole, China's hydrogen energy industry is still in the initial stage of development. 

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