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China State Council Demands To Improve The Car Consumption Mechanism System

As an emerging development strategy, new energy vehicles are not only valued by many car companies, but also become a new market for the automotive industry. After the subsidy-driven demonstration and promotion, new energy vehicles have accumulated a certain market, but in the post-subsidy era, how to make this market a benign market consumption requires the concerted efforts of all parties.

    The "Implementation Plan" clearly stipulates that we should continue to implement the preferential policies for the purchase of new energy vehicles and vehicles, improve the credit management system for new energy vehicles, implement the parallel management measures for the average fuel consumption of passenger vehicles and new energy vehicles, and study the establishment of a carbon quota trading system. . The purchase tax incentive, which encourages consumption in the end consumption segment, will undoubtedly have a positive effect on stimulating new energy vehicle consumption. At the same time, point management is also considered to be the most favorable promotion policy after the subsidy exit, but the gap in the point transaction brings uncertainty to the implementation effect of this policy.

    Improve the standard specifications for new energy vehicle charging facilities, vigorously promote the "Internet + charging infrastructure", and improve the intelligent level of charging services. Making the use of new energy vehicles more convenient is the fundamental way to promote their consumption. The improvement of intelligent charging service level is considered to be an effective way to improve the convenience of charging, and it is expected that it can really see the effect at the consumption level.

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