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China Xugong Congstruction Machinery Group Donated 81 Water Cellars To Africa In Three Years

About 160 kilometers south of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, you will arrive the state of Oromia. At noon, the sun was roasting the earth, and a gust of wind blew through, and the dust was flying all over the sky. Right here is the dry season, the land is cracked, and the water for humans and animals is scarce.e90935a7a8554959b0291b096bb45b81

On October 31, the second “Africa water cellar” public welfare project jointly initiated by Xugong Construction Machinery Group and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, all 40 water rafts built for this village have been completed, so that the villagers no longer worry about drinking water.

Along the rugged path of the village, the reporter came to the Voyesa Demai home. Demai is 45 years old and he and his wife raised 10 children. In the dry season, Demai’s biggest headache is how to solve the problem of drinking water.

In the past, Demai’s wife would drive the donkeys and pull the water into the pond outside the village. The road was difficult to walk. Because there are many children in the family, more than ten cattle and sheep are also needed to drink water. Sometimes she has to pull two or three times a day. The younger child can't leave her mother, she has to hug her child. The water in the pond is still turbid, and children often get diarrhea, dysentery and other diseases after drinking.

However, the otter built by Xugong has completely changed the life of this family. The Demai's sealed otter is located next to the house, and a sink is placed around the roof. As the rainy season approaches, rainwater flows into the sink along the sloping roof and then through the water pipes. The upper part of the leeches has a volume of about 15 cubic meters and about 37 cubic meters underground.

Every year from June to September is the rainy season. Most areas of Ethiopia are raining almost every day, with heavy rainfall, while the dry season lasts from October to May. The Demai's otter has been basically completed before the end of the rainy season, and the stored water can basically meet the daily water consumption of the whole family during the dry season.


It is very hot at noon. Demai walked over to the otter, opened the faucet, and went down the stream. His children swarmed and screamed and sipped, and they were very happy. Demai said that with this otter, the water will not be exhausted afterwards, the water of the leeches will be purified, the children will not get sick and grow up healthily; the water in the dry season can also be used in the dry season. Watering the vegetable garden and eating vegetables can also be guaranteed.

"Demai's eldest daughter said happily: "Water Margin is a gift for me, so there is water in my door, and I can concentrate on going to school and helping my mother with housework." 


In 2016, XCMG teamed up with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to launch the “African Water cellar” project. So far, 81 otters have been built in Ethiopia, bringing clean water to the more than 6,700 villagers suffering from drought in Ethiopia. On the day of the second water completion ceremony, more than 100 villagers from Kongbocha Village gathered in the village to wear traditional costumes made by the villagers for Chinese guests from afar to express their gratitude to the donors.


Xugong Group is an international company with love and responsibility. In 2016, under the advocacy requirement of Chairman Wang Min's “Global Precision Public Welfare”, Xugong launched 14 public welfare projects. One of the most important public welfare projects in Africa is the collection of the Ethiopian Drought Corner. The small water conservancy facilities of rainwater have effectively solved the problem of drinking water in the dry season for the local poor residents.


At the completion ceremony, Gao Zhiqiang, the manager of Xugong Group in Ethiopia, said that adhering to the public welfare value proposition of “Xu Gong, making the world a better place”, Xugong has been firmly on the road of practicing social responsibility. Xugong hopes that the Water cellar project will not only solve the problem of local villagers' water use, but also serve as a model case for national precision poverty alleviation, promote it globally, let more institutions and enterprises participate, and build more water for Africa's arid regions. For more African people, they basically solve the problem of lack of drinking water and the spread of unhealthy water drinking diseases. During the year, Xugong Group will further cooperate with strategic partners to launch the third “African Water cellar” project, so that Xugongda loves to sprinkle Africa.


Mr. Wu Peng, Director of the International Development Department of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, recalled in his speech that he first saw the situation in which Ethiopian women were struggling to take water and were bent by a 30-kilogram bucket. He pointed out that there is no clean water source for production and life, and the hope of local villagers to eliminate the vicious circle of drinking water disease and get rid of poverty is also very embarrassing. The otters donated by Xugong were repaired at the doorstep of the households of the households. The children will no longer delay learning because of the main tasks of taking water every day. Mothers also have more time to care for the family, and they will not be infected by the water. Worried about the disease, the whole family can save a lot of money to buy water.


Mr. Hune of the Ethiopian Rainwater Storage Association congratulated the successful completion of the second phase of the Water cellar project donated by Xugong Group and thanked the Chinese people for their most sincere and friendly assistance to the people of Ethiopia. He was excited to say that Xugong Group was the second time to do the leeches project in Ethiopia. In the past three years, Xugong’s public welfare road in Ethiopia, which meets the drinking needs of local people, is admirable and appreciated. He sincerely hopes that the African Water cellar project will benefit more residents in the arid regions, bring them clean water and health protection, and earnestly hope that more Chinese enterprises and civil organizations can continue to help Ethiopia to develop drinking water for the residents in the arid regions. The victims are far from thirst and water health risks.

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