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GM Accelerate Electric Vehicle Sector Electrification

Recently, GM announced a realignment of its global strategy and management of the electric vehicle sector to accelerate its electrification. A few days ago, the company's CEO Mary Bora reiterated that GM will launch at least 20 electric vehicles and fuel cell powered vehicles worldwide by 2023. In addition, the company also announced the expansion of its battery laboratory, and will continue to work on the development of charging pile construction and charging technology.

From October 1 this year, Pam Fletcher, the 52-year-old former vice president of the global GM electric vehicle project, officially renewed his position as GM's newly established vice president of innovation and reported directly to Mary Bola. Her appointment also demonstrates GM's determination to adjust its future global development strategy. In the future, the company will not only focus on the sales and market share of traditional vehicles, but also actively transform into new businesses including electric vehicles. Demonstrate GM's determination to seize new opportunities. At the same time, Fletcher also became the latest female GM to hold senior leadership positions. Fletcher began serving as the vice president of GM's global electric vehicle program a year ago, reporting to Dow Parker, who is responsible for the electric vehicle business.

  Bola said that GM will launch a new generation of electric vehicle production platform in 2021 and launch at least 20 new energy vehicles in 2023, including pure electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. GM believes that these models will be profitable by then, which is very important. "We hope to achieve a good vision of zero casualties, zero emissions, zero congestion. Of course, this can not be done overnight, but the road is at the foot, the future is ahead, we have set sail."

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