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Genlyon Won 'China City Logistics Recommended Vehicles'

December 28-29, 2018, sponsored by China Communications and Transportation Association, China Transportation Association Logistics Technology Equipment Professional Committee, Beijing China Communications Enterprise Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly organized the '8th China Urban Logistics Development Annual Conference' Held in Shanghai. SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'SAIC Hongyan') Genlyon City Logistics series models have won the praise of leaders, experts, media and users with the product attributes of 'high quality, high efficiency and low fuel consumption', won the 'China City Logistics Recommended Vehicles' award.image

As the first heavy-duty joint venture in China, SAIC Hongyan has always been committed to the development of “efficient, green, intelligent and safe” urban logistics models. The Hongyan Genlyon urban logistics series has emerged. Hongyan Genlyon City Logistics series models are based on IVECO vehicle technology, combined with the actual transportation of Chinese roads and the strict requirements of laws and regulations, focusing on urban logistics models. This series of models is equipped with the Cursor engine, which has outstanding power performance. The Bosch fuel supply system and the imported fuel common rail system consistent with FIAT Europe effectively reduce fuel consumption. The application of low viscosity oil can effectively reduce engine friction and improve fuel economy. Starting from the two aspects of “reducing the cost” and “efficiency”, we will directly attack the key points of urban logistics and become a very cost-effective transportation model. Whether in long-distance efficient logistics, port containers, express delivery, hazardous chemicals, coal, heavy-duty transportation and other conditions can easily meet user needs.image

Hongyan Genlyon urban logistics series models are also equipped with Hongyan intelligent Internet system, relying on the organic integration of mobile Internet technology and truck product technology, awakening "Little Red" through voice, assisting drivers to operate navigation, answering calls, audio and video entertainment, etc. Function, free hands and ensure safe driving. Not only that, but also on the basis of the traditional passive safety configuration, this series of vehicles is equipped with advanced intelligent auxiliary driving equipment such as lane departure warning LDW, front collision warning FCW, pedestrian collision warning PCW, driver behavior analysis, etc. It explains the safety concept of SAIC Hongyan “seeing life like Taishan”.


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