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Heavy Truck Enterprise Status

The auto industry of China through foreign joint ventures and cooperation, and the introduction of funds, technology, products, and management of multinational corporations, has also really opened the flood of auto marketization. However, judging from the current situation, almost all large Chinese joint venture auto groups have become overseas colonies of multinational corporations. The assembly plant, the Chinese-style market that used to repeat the Brazilian-dominated model did not exchange technology, and it could not exchange technology. In the absence of a protected market, multinational companies occupy most of the passenger cars and commercial vehicles in China. One world.

Today, as long as China's auto industry has a little bit of technology and gold, it is none other than imported technology. The "market-for-technology" route followed by the Chinese auto market is quite good. It is hoped that through joint ventures, the market will be given out to the outside world, and the technology will be absorbed and digested by itself. Finally, vehicles with independent property rights will be developed. However, it cannot be denied that more than 30 years have passed and valuable market resources have been let go, but technology is still in the hands of foreign parties.

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