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Hongyan New Environmentally Intelligent Management Muck Truck Updated

As an old-fashioned heavy-duty truck company that started with military quality, SAIC Hongyan's engineering dump trucks have been praised as “the king of engineering” by virtue of their excellent quality. In response to the serious pollution of urban sanitation, engineering construction of muck, SAIC Hongyan innovative research and development of new environmentally friendly intelligent muck, from the green, intelligent management, efficient transportation and other aspects of the all-round upgrade.微信图片_20181011095705.jpg

In terms of vehicle technology, Hongyan's new environmentally-friendly intelligent muck is strictly in line with the European IVECO production process and quality standards, and strictly meets the world-class level of synchronous Europe. In addition, Hongyan intelligent muck also inherits the characteristics of high safety, high comfort and high reliability unique to Hongyan models. The quality and strength have always been recognized and trusted by users.微信图片_20181011095714.jpg

In terms of strict environmental protection requirements of national regulations, Hongyan Environmentally Friendly Intelligent Dresden Cars not only carry the synchronous European Cursor and SAIC-powered engines on the power, fully meet the national five emission standards, and can easily upgrade the national six, in the carriage design. It also changed the image of the traditional old-fashioned muck, and realized the characteristics of automatic canopy cover, intelligent management, closed security, light weight of the whole vehicle, and novel structure.微信图片_20181011095718.jpg

The truck cover system adopts hydraulic motor as the power source, which can automatically control the whole process, saving time and effort; U-shaped structure cargo box design can effectively avoid the accumulation of cargo at the corners on both sides, improve the load utilization rate and unloading clean rate; A hydraulic locking mechanism is installed at the rear door of the cargo box, and the rear door is closely fitted with the sealing strip, and the sealing pressure reaches about 1 ton, so as to ensure no flow and no leakage.微信图片_20181011095722.jpg

At the same time, in terms of intelligent management, Hongyan Environmental Protection Intelligent Muck Truck has also realized the whole process monitoring of vehicle operation. It has the function of setting, timing, fixed point, fixed line, fixed area and fixed speed. The earth vehicle management has undergone an all-round intelligent upgrade. As the first enterprise in China to develop Internet heavy trucks, SAIC Hongyan's unique Internet dream truck technology is gradually being applied to engineering mucks. Through the powerful network technology, it further enhances the management and transportation of muck trucks.

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