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Isuzu Qingling Exported 50 Units Heavy Commercial Truck To Philippine

On October 17, last month,  50 units Isuzu VC61 heavy commercial vehicles left the Qingling Automobile production base to start the ASEAN tour. More than 100 people from the leadership team of Qingling Company, the president of Isuzu Philippine Company, the main person in charge of Japan Isuzu Company, the representative of the staff of Qingling Company and the employees of the main manufacturing department of Qingling Company attended the ceremony.20181018100310011001(Isuzu Qingling Truck VC61)

VC61 is a new generation of heavy-duty commercial vehicles jointly developed by Qingling and Isuzu, and has been well-received since the listing last year. This global strategic model, which lasted seven years, has multiple important implications:

First, this is a response to the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative to accelerate the new results of going global. The construction of “One Belt and One Road” has created a historic opportunity for Chinese auto companies to go global. Qingling, as a state-owned public enterprise, actively responds to the national strategy, starting from the export of rough and parts, hard work and hard work, and finally in the “Belt and Road” On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the initiative, new achievements were made in vehicle exports.微信图片_20181101120253 微信图片_20181101120240微信图片_20181101120247 微信图片_20181101120244

Second, this is a new chapter in the unprecedented cooperation of ISZ-related companies. Over the past year or so, around the common goal of VC61 export, Isuzu Japan, Shanghai, the Philippines and Isuzu China, together with Qingling Company, have performed their duties, worked hard, worked closely together, and started ISZ member companies. A new chapter in cooperation.

Third, this is a new breakthrough in Qingling, Isuzu deepening cooperation and innovation model. From the past, the introduction of Isuzu products in China to meet the needs of the Chinese market, the development of the VC61 as the beginning, and the vertical transformation of products in the Chinese market, corresponding to the global market including China, the cooperation model has pioneered New breakthrough.

The main person in charge of the Qingling Group said that the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, which was implemented this year, has created a good opportunity for Chinese auto exports to the ASEAN countries such as the Philippines. It is expected that the export of VC61 to the Philippines will increase significantly next year, and the export of commercial vehicles from Qingling will become the norm. Qingling will take this as a new starting point, high-quality, high-efficiency, and consistently grasping the export product QCDS, and continuously put the high-quality and medium-priced products produced by Qingling into the overseas market, with the Isuzu local and other affiliates. The products form a deep echelon and form a strong synergy to jointly expand the market share of products and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

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